Guiding Principles

When we set out to create our organization’s doctrine, one person continued to resonate our beliefs. 

This person was an innovator, a fierce competitor, a man of faith, had impeccable integrity, practiced the fundamentals to perfection, treated others with the utmost respect, and always – we mean always – walked the walk. 

That man was Tom Landry. 

Our principles are rooted from one of the greatest Texans to ever walk this earth. 


Have the bravery to always act with integrity.


Think outside the box. The only way to discover the limits of the possible, is to go beyond the impossible. 


Always continue despite unforeseen circumstances. Keep driving and never, ever, give up.


Treat others with the utmost amount of dignity, honesty, and regard.


Be humble. No person is of more importance than anyone else. Stay teachable and hold yourself and others accountable for our values. 


Serve the needs of others by utilizing effective communication and building confidential trust.


Never stop learning. Always push for more knowledge to continue to improve performance. Continue to dream bigger.